Will UFC signing of CM Punk lead to more crossovers?

CM PunkA couple weeks back, former WWE champ and poster boy CM Punk made big news when he signed a contract with the UFC to fight in 2015.

Some may think this is coincidence, but a pattern is beginning to form before MMA fans and maybe even crossover WWE fans.

The world has seen this story play out once before when current WWE star and former UFC heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar (5-3) went from fake wrestling to taking real hits.

After his run was over, Lesnar took his talents back to the WWE where it made him an even bigger star..

With CM Punk joining the UFC ranks — if he does well — will other famous wrestlers give MMA a whirl?

The UFC is in the business of making money. Lot’s of it and they have been successful in doing so with the Fertitta’s and Dana White at the helm. Now that another superstar wrestler has joined the UFC family, others will be watching closely.

Now let’s see if CM Punk can compete at the highest level without ever having a fight or fight experience… If he does, we might be looking at a new trend in the UFC and possibly even the MMA world as whole.

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