BJ Penn to open his second UFC gym on Oahu!

To be the best, you have to train like the best! UFC GYM® announced today that it will partner with former 2x-division UFC champion and coach of the upcoming season of The … Continue Reading →


Summer Fun Fitness!

With only about 35 days of summer left before autumn arrives, take advantage of the longer and warmer days while you still can. Before you know it, cooler weather and … Continue Reading →


Overeating in the Workplace

Today’s work “weight scale” rises dangerously high due to sedentary work habits. Most jobs rarely require leaving the office and are very chair restricted. The break rooms, cafeterias and infamous … Continue Reading →


How old is your spine?

“If your spine is inflexibly and stiff at 30, you’re old. If it is flexible at 60, you’re young. A man is as young as his spine.”   ~ Joseph … Continue Reading →


Husband and wife big winners at 5th Annual Lodi Cyclefest

For the first time at the Lodi Cyclefest — a husband and wife took first place in the Men’s Pro 1/2 and Women’s Pro 1/2/3 — which was a successful … Continue Reading →

core 2

Building a better core

From modern photography to ancient rock sculptures, artists have always had a fascination with the beauty of the human body and the mystique of flat abs. As a Strength Trainer & … Continue Reading →


Finding the Man of Steel

Self perception is the awareness of the characteristics of one’s self or self-knowledge. Interactions with your environment and places you spend the most time in and the people that you … Continue Reading →


Sports Massage Therapy

For injury rehab, maintenance, recovery, weekend warriors, to professional athletes, sports massage may be just what you need. From injury prevention to improved performance and mental state, it offers a … Continue Reading →

Head clamp

Headaches and your Health

HEADACHES are the single most common adult health problem today. The most common headaches are tension headaches — the dull, aching, pressing headaches that often develop after a difficult day at work/school or … Continue Reading →


Is it inside of you?

“HOW MUCH IS INSIDE OF YOU?” Do you have what it takes?… Does it push you through those final reps, that extra mile, the personal record. There is a beast … Continue Reading →